Sponsorship is a feature which is quintessential in addiction recovery. Some people who have achieved a sober and clean state after addiction, have achieved this with the influence of a sponsor. It has proven to be an effective tool in addiction recovery. Those who are in the stage of early recovery, getting a sponsor for addiction recovery is most times a theme of conversation. They are usually advised by other recovering addicts that they should get themselves a sponsor, and commence working together in the shortest possible time.

In addiction recovery, the addict needs a sponsor who knows a lot about sobriety, the 12 steps and has the capacity to be responsible to the person instead of being responsible for the person. A sponsor plays the role of a close friend alongside being a mentor and a guide.

In other cases, a sponsor is a person in recovery who has already gone through the 12-steps which are mentioned in the 12-step programme.

The basic role of a sponsor, is to aid their sponsee go through the 12-steps of any treatment schedule or plan they are working with. It could be a good ride for both sponsee and sponsor. The sponsee is a person who is very sober, alongside being honest and susceptible just like any other person.

A sponsor can also be a good source of providing addiction recovery information, which would contain their personal experiences, ups and down. They are also in the capacity to give great and beneficial tips on how to live a life which is free from alcohol or drugs.

In addition to this, a sponsor gives encouragement and motivation to a fresh sober person, thereby being a source of support and a listening ear.

Another benefit of having a sponsor, is being a source of accountability to the addict.

Now, there should be a clear disparity between what a sponsor is expected to do in the addiction recovery process, and what he is not meant to do.

Below are some things which the sponsor should not do:

  1. A sponsor is expected not to act as a psychologist or therapist
  2. A sponsor is expected not to take advantage of a sponsee

If any of the above points occur, it is expected that the relationship is dismissed immediately.